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World Lake Basin Management Initiative

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LBMI Experience & Lessons Learned Briefs

As part of the GEF project, a series of case studies known as "experience briefs" were commissioned to document lessons learned in lake basin management. Teams from 28 lake regions in both developing and developed countries were selected to prepare the briefs and to participate in experience sharing workshops.

Some of the lakes included in the project are current or past recipients of grants through the Global Environment Facility, a multi-lateral financing mechanism. The other "non-GEF" lakes included in the project were selected because of investments made and experience gained in implementing lake management programs through bi-lateral and national-level investments.



11/16/2004 - Final Versions of Lake Briefs from Chad, Malawi/Nyasa, Tanganyika, and Victoria

10/1/2004 - Final Versions of Lake Briefs from Europe, Central Asia & the Americas Available
The final versions of experience and lessons learned briefs for the lake basins represented at the Regional Workshop for Europe, Central Asia & the Americas are now available from the LBMI project website: Aral Sea, Baikal, Champlain, Cocibolca, Constance, Great Lakes, Issyk-Kul, Ohrid, Peipsi, Sevan and Titicaca. The Tucurui Reservoir brief remains in draft form.

9/16/2004 - Updated Aral Sea Experience Brief available

1/27/2004 - Updated Experience Brief drafts available
Revised Experience Briefs are now available for many of the lakes participating in the Lake Basin Management Initiative. Click on the E-Forum button to comment on drafts.



Aral Sea  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Baikal  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Baringo  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Bhopal (Bhoj Wetlands)   (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Biwa  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Chad (PDF)  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Champlain   (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Chilika  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Cocibolca/Nicaragua  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Constance/Bodensee  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Dianchi   (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Great Lakes (North American)  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. MacDonagh-Dumler et al.. 2/27/2006.

Issyk-Kul  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Baetov, R.. English. 2/27/2006.

Kariba  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Laguna de Bay  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Laguna Lake Development Authority. 2/27/2006.

Malawi-Nyasa  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Naivasha  Experience Brief. Final. Odada et al. 2/27/2006.

Nakuru  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Ohrid  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Watzin et al. 2/27/2006.

Peipsi/Chudskoe  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Roll et al. 2/27/2006.

Sevan  Experience Brief. Final. Jenderedjian et al. 2/27/2006.

Tanganyika  Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Titicaca   (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Revollo et al. 2/27/2006.

Toba   (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Tonle Sap  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.

Tucurui Reservoir  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. Tundisi et al. 2/27/2006.

Victoria  Experience Brief. Final. Kayombo et al. 2/27/2006.

Xingkai/Khanka  (PDF) Experience Brief. Final. 2/27/2006.


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