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Adirondack Watershed Institute -
Akanoi-Biwako Environmental Citizens’ Initiative (ABECI) - In September of 1996, the activist group, “ Akanoi-Biwako Environmental Citizens’ Initiative” was formed in cooperation with the governments of Moriyama City and Shiga Prefecture. The purpose of ABECI is to improve and maintain the water quality of Lake Biwa, its reservoirs and tributaries. (LakeNet Program Participant)
America's Historic Lakes - The Lake Champlain and Lake George Historic Sites -
Archbold Biological Station - Archbold Biological Station, founded in 1941, is the primary division of Archbold Expeditions, a non-profit organization established by Richard Archbold. Archbold Biological Station protects a 5,193-acre globally significant Florida scrub preserve located on the southern end of the Lake Wales Ridge, an ancient sandy ecosystem of south-central Florida.
Arrowhead Lake Association -
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) - ATREE was established in 1996 to combine principles of natural and social sciences to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development; and, to build the necessary social and human capital needed to address our most pressing environmental challenges. ATREE deals with the issues relating to India's rapidly diminishing biological resources and natural ecosystems, and the environmental, social and economic dimensions and implications of this decline. ATREE has a network of offices and field stations across India, through which it works to develop social and human capital to address environmental issues at local, regional and national levels.
Association for the Wolf Lake Initiative -
Association of Medicine Lake Area Citizens (AMLAC) -
Association of Municipalities in the Watershed of the Great Lake Nicaragua (AMUGRAN) - Asociaicion de Municipios de la Cuenca del gran Lago (AMUGRAN) brings together the mayors of municipalities surrounding Lake Cocibolca. The organization is working toward national legislation establishing the Xolotan, Cocibolca, and San Juan River watersheds as a sustainable development corridor that would facilitate watershed management planning. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Avon Area Lakes Association (AALA) -
Backbone Lake Friends - Restoration and Preservation of Backbone Lake.
Baikal Environmental Wave - An NGO based in Irkutsk, Russia working for the conservation of Lake Baikal.
Barrett Lake Foundation -
Bass Lake Association -
Bauneg Beg Lake Association -
Bay Lake Improvement Association (BLIA) - The BLIA is a non-profit organization representing friends of Bay Lake. Volunteer Officers and Directors are elected to pursue the Mission of the Association through a structure of standing committees. Active committees exist to address everything from governmental and environmental issues, to membership and social matters.
Bear Lake Watch - Dedicated to the preservation of Bear Lake.
Becker County Coalition of Lake Associations -
Big Birch Lake Association -
Big Pine Lake Association (BPLA) -
Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) - The primary purpose of our association remains the preservation of our beautiful resource Big Sand Lake for our current use and for the use of future generations to come.
Big Sandy Lake Association -
Black Lake Association -
Blackwater Lake Association -
Boquet River Association (BRASS) - The Boquet River Association (BRASS) is a small, 200-member, grass-roots organization dedicated to the quality of water and life in the Boquet watershed. The river is 77 kilometers long, beginning at 1,100 meters of elevation and emptying in Lake Champlain at about 30 meters. Formed in 1984, BRASS acts on issues related to land uses, point and non-point source pollution, in-stream and riparian species and habitats, recreation and the economy. Local landowners are its members, and the Board is composed of appointees from the five watershed towns as well as elected representatives. BRASS is known for accomplishing projects through education and by coordinating strategies that combine skills and services of volunteers, local governments and state agencies. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Borneo Conservancy - The Borneo Conservancy works to protect the many lakes within Sentarum National Park in Indonesia.
Buck Lake Alliance (BLA) - To promote the preservation of Buck Lake
Buffalo,Rice and Rock lakes association (BRRLA) -
Bull Shoals Lake Association -
Bundick Lake Association -
Bunganut Lake Online - A community website for Bunganut Lake in Lyman, Maine. Lots of information on fishing and Maine boating law.
Burt Lake Preservation Association (BLPA) - The Burt Lake Preservation Association's goal is the preservation and improvement of Burt Lake and its watershed for quality use by future generations.
Caddo Lake Institute (CLI) - A non-profit academic program which encourages interdisciplinary environmental study based on the preservation of the ecological and cultural integrity of the Caddo Lake ecosystem in Texas, U.S.
California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC) - The Conservancy is an independent State agency within the Resources Agency of the State of California. Its jurisdiction extends only to the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin. The Conservancy is not a regulatory agency. It was established to develop and implement programs through acquisitions and site improvements to improve water quality in Lake Tahoe, preserve the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities of the region, provide public access, preserve wildlife habitat areas, and manage and restore lands to protect the natural environment. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Canandaigua Lake Watershed Task Force - The Canandaigua Lake Watershed Task Force was formed to act as an umbrella organization to identify, coordinate, and provide leadership for the efforts of public and private groups that have a stake in the Canandaigua Lake Watershed
Canyon Lake Property Owners Association -
Caribou Lake Property Owners Association -
Carnelian Lake Association -
Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) - A public agency providing reliable, quality water at a reasonable cost to the Santa Clarita Valley.
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network - a community-based, not-for-profit organization made up of citizens, businesses, associations, and local governments from throughout the Cayuga Lake Watershed.
Cedar Lake Association -
Cedar Lake Conservancy - The Cedar Lake Conservancy, one of the organized lake conservancies in Aitkin County, is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the quality of the environment and life experiences in and around Cedar Lake in Aitkin, Minnesota.
Center for Lake Erie Area Research (CLEAR) -
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) -
Chain of Lakes Watershed- Advisory Committee - The Chain of Lakes Watershed is one of Michigan’s premier watersheds. It contains over 200 miles of shoreline, almost 60 square miles of water, and covers 500 square miles of land in four counties of northwest Michigan. The centerpiece of the Watershed is a series of 14 lakes and interconnecting rivers. Another 40 lakes lie within the Watershed and 247 high quality streams flow into the Chain. The Chain provides 60% of the freshwater to the Grand Traverse Bay when it empties into Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Elk River. Since 1995, partner organizations have implemented dozens of projects throughout the Chain of Lakes Watershed. The goals of these projects have been to reduce and prevent non-point source pollution, to improve land use management, and to promote watershed education. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA) - The CLA is a non-profit organization with a purpose to protect, restore and preserve the beauty and cleanliness of Chautauqua Lake.
Cheney Lake Watershed Inc. (CLW) - Farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents of this 633,449-acre watershed are working with the City of Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, to protect a primary drinking water source for more than 300,000 people.
Child, Girl and Woman Lake Property Owners Association (CGWLPOA) -
Chilika Lake Development Authority (CDA) - Protects the Indian lagoon ecosystem; formulates the management plan for Integrated Resource Management and wise use of the lagoon resource by the community depending on the lagoon; and collaborates with National and International institutions for development of the lagoon. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Citizens for Improvement of Lake Kasumigaura - In an effort to revive biodiversity on Japan’s second largest lake, local citizens formed the Citizens for Improvement of Lake Kasumigaura in 1981. At that time, the environmental group began monitoring the water quality of the lake on a regular basis and advocating for the restoration of the lake environment. Despite their best efforts, it was a long time before the group saw an improvement of water quality. The breakthrough came in 1995 when the group embarked on a project to restore asaza, a species of floating heart that is indigenous to the lake. In the past five years, the group has seen their work pay off, and now more than 150 schools and 46,000 people in local communities and businesses participate in the program to restore the lake. The group was also successful in convincing the Construction and Transport Ministry in Japan to end the destructive policy of maintaining the water level of the lake 20 centimeters higher in the winter. (LakeNet Program Participant)
City of Burlington - The largest city in Vermont, located on the shores of Lake Champlain. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Clark Lake Conservation Association - Stewardship of Clark Lake.
Clear Lake Association (MN) -
Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy - Conservancy's mission has been to:

1)promote for the benefit of the general public the preservation of natural resources in Clear Lake Township, Indiana

2)Engage in study of, and educate landowners and the public in general regarding enjoyment and use of, the natural resources in and contiguous to Clear Lake Township, Indiana
Cokato Lake Association - The purpose of this association shall be to work for the betterment of the lake and all conditions affecting it.
Conneaut Lake Aquatic Management Inc - The Conneaut Lake Aquatic Mgmt Assoc Inc was formed to develop a program to guide the management of Conneaut Lake and its watershed ona long term basis.
Conservation Center for Lake Okeechobee Kissimmee River - C-O.K.E.E. is a NONPROFIT CORPORATION organized by a diverse group of professionals who together seek to sustain and renew one of the few remaining pristine ecosystems in Florida formed by the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee and The Everglades
Consórcio Intermunicipal Lagos – Săo Joăo (CILSJ) - CILSJ was founded by 12 municipal governments, companies and NGO’s in 1999, with three core principles: local initiative, watershed jurisdiction and partnerships in resource management. CILSJ works to protect the environment of five basins that encompass 3,825 square kilometres. The organization undertakes a broad range of programs, including: watershed management; rivers and lakes recovery; reforestation and conservation education.
Cook County Coalition Of Lake Associations - The CCC mission is to preserve and protect the unique character of the area and to encourage member participation in County activities.
Coon Lake Improvement Association - The purpose of the Association shall be to promote understanding and comprehensive management of Coon Lake and watershed ecosystems.
Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance (LARA) - It is the mission of the Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance to: Build the capacity of member organizations to meet their goals through - Helping form new organizations Assisting in organizational matters Promoting and arranging educational/informational seminars Providing opportunities for networking and communication Gather and express the viewpoints of lake and river associations to government officials and agencies, particularly at the county level, but also to private organizations and the general public.
Crow Wing Lake Association - The Crow Wing Lake Association was founded to promote the welfare and betterment of Crow Wing Lake
Crystal Lake and Watershed Association (CLWA) - The CLWA is a merger of two predecessor organizations: the Crystal Lake Watershed Fund, Inc. (CLWF)and the Crystal Lake Association (CLA).
Cullen Lakes Association (CLA) -
Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization (CRCPO) - The CRCPO supports the environmental planning process of the Cuyahoga River RAP with program planning and coordination, technical assistance and research, community involvement and public education programs.
Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association (DLWA) - Founded in 1966, the Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association (DLWA), a volunteer-based organization of nearly 500 member families is committed to "enhance the quality of life in and around Damariscotta Lake, assuring enjoyment for all of its natural and human residents.
Dead Lake Association -
Deer Lake Association -
Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association -
Eagle Lake Lakeshore Association (ELLA) - Stewardship of Eagle Lake.
Eastside Audubon Society -
Edward Lake Area Association of Homeowners (ELAAH) - ELAAH was formed in 2001 and consists of members who are lakeshore owners and those who live within the area surrounding Edward Lake. The ELAAH members are those not only concerned with the dynamics of Edward Lake but all of the natural resources that surrounds the lake.
Emily Lakes and River Association - To preserve, promote and improve the water quality of the Emily area lakes and connecting Little Pine River for the continued enjoyment of the community and its visitors.
Findley Lake Watershed Foundation -
FlamingoNet - Nakuru Business Association - The Nakuru Business Association is a non-political, non-racial, non-denominational, broad based business network. Membership of the Association is by invitation and comprise of leading companies, businesses, professional and occupational bodies as well as organizations within Nakuru Town and its environs.
Flathead Lake Protection Association (FLPA) -
Forest Lake Friends of the Parks -
Friends of Beed's Lake -
Friends of Castaic Lake (FOCL) - The Friends of Castaic Lake (FOCL) are a group of dedicated volunteers who continue to make a positive impact on the Castaic Lake Recreation Area. Formed in 1983 as a nonprofit group whose mission is to support and enhance the operation of the County of Los Angeles' largest regional park, the FOCL conduct fundraisers and special events to support park programs and projects.
Friends of Devils Lake State Park - The Friends of Devil's Lake State Park was created to enhance, beautify, and support the park. The group assists the park by recruiting volunteers for a variety of environmental and beautification projects. The Friends also sponsor educational and recreation activities for park visitors as well as provide financial support for special park needs.
Friends of Great Salt Lake (FOGSL) - FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake was founded in 1994 with a guiding mission to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the lake through education, research, and advocacy.
Friends of Lake Boon - Planning the future of Lake Boon.
Friends of Lake Bosomtwe - Friends of Lake Bosomtwe is a Ghana-based self-help group association - a non-governmental organization (NGO)- with Lake Bosomtwe and the surrounding communities as its target group. The organization is made up of Ghanaians and members from abroad. It has the main aim of protecting the fragile ecosystem of Lake Bosomtwe, training the youth of the area to be more useful, productive and therefore capable of helping themselves to improve upon their living conditions.
Friends of Lake Cumberland - A non-profit, non-partisan group of volunteers interested in maintaining the beauty of Lake Cumberland.
Friends of Lake Istokpoga Lake Association - Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association is a nonprofit corporation, formed in August, 1998, duly chartered by the State of Florida. Our goal is to preserve the quality of Lake Istokpoga for future generations so they can experience all its natural beauty, both the lake and the wildlife that lives in or around it.
Friends of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS) - Friends of Lake Keowee Society or FOLKS was established in 1993 to focus attention on the importance of Lake Keowee and its watershed to the economic and recreational well being of upstate SC.
Friends of Lake Powell - Friends of Lake Powell, Inc. supports the preservation of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area for generations to come
Friends of Lake Quannapowitt (FOLQ) - The Friends of Lake Quannapowitt was formed in 1992 to "promote public awareness and provide long-term protection and enhancement of Lake Quannapowitt and its surrounding public lands.
Friends of Lake Victoria (Osienala) - (LakeNet Program Participant)
Friends of Pine Lake - Friends of Pine Lake is a non-profit organization formed by the citizens who live near the lake and enjoy the unique environment that it offers. Our objective is to protect our quality of life by protecting the quality of the lake - its waters and surroundings that affect the water.
Friends of Raystown Lake - Founded in 1996, the Friends of Raystown Lake is a non-profit organization supporting the volunteer programs at the Raystown Lake Project.
Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) - San Pablo is one of the original charter cities of the Philippines. It is also the country's only city with seven interconnected crater lakes. Up until the 1960's, these lakes were abundant with fish and shrimp, which, at times, could be scooped up at the lakeshore. Set against the twin backdrop of Mt. San Cristobal and the mystical Mt. Banahaw. Sampaloc Lake is the biggest and the most famous of the seven lakes, its origins recounted in every book of Philippine legends.
Friends of Silver Lake Nature Center -
Friends of the Baikal Trail - FGBT supports efforts to sustain and conserve Lake Baikal -- one of the most beautiful and pristine places on Earth -- through developing infrastructure for low-impact, self-sustaining ecotourism. In addition to distributing information and raising awareness about ecotourism in the Baikal region, FGBT helps directly fund efforts on the ground in Russia.
Friends of the River Narmada - An international coalition of individuals and organizations (primarily of Indian descent)that is a support and solidarity network for the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada Movement) which has been fighting for the democratic rights of the citizens of the Narmada Valley, India.
Friends of Tolo Lake -
Fundacion Humedales ((Colombia)) -
Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) - The Galveston Bay Foundation was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit organization to preserve, protect and enhance Galveston Bay -- one of the world's most productive estuaries.
Geneva Lake Conservancy - The Geneva Lake Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of environmentally sensitive lands, open space and the unique character and quality of life of Walworth County, Wisconsin.
Glen Canyon Institute -
Grand Calumet River Task Force (GCTF) - The Grand Cal Task Force is a community environmental organization working cooperatively to improve the land, air, and water quality of the Grand Calumet River and the urban ecosystem that surrounds it and to achieve environmental justice for the people of Northwest Indiana.
Grand Lake St. Marys Watershed Project -
Granite Lake Association -
Gratiot Lake Conservancy (GLC) - Through educational programs and materials, the Conservancy encourages good stewardship of the watershed and an understanding of its history and ecology.
Great Lakes of South Dakota Association -
Great Moose Lake Regional Land Trust (GMRLT) - Great Moose Lake Regional Land Trust is organized for the purposes and powers of retaining and protecting the natural, scenic and open space of real property.
Greater Lovell Land Trust - The Trust works for the preservation of water quality, improvement of land management, and establishment of realistic land development options and alternatives in the Kezar Lake Watershed.
Greater Pokegama Lake Association - The purpose of this organization shall be to prevent the pollution and retard eutrophication of Pokegama Lake in Itasca County, MN, including the the power to do all things necessary to educate the public at large on preventing the pollution of Pokegama Lake and to obtain the necessary laws and regulations to prevent the pollution of Pokegama Lake. It shall also be the aim of this organization to maintain the desirable environmental quality fo the existing lake and lakeshore area and to promote its orderly development.
Green Lake Association, Inc. (GLA) - The Green Lake Association's mission is to ensure that Green Lake remains one of the premier lakes in the Midwest by actively promoting the conservation of the area's natural scenic beauty and intrinsic character.
Green Lake Property Owners Association -
Gull Area Lakes Association (GALA) - Gull Area Lakes Association is dedicated to represent the interest of lake area property owners without bias toward either seasonal or full time residents.
Gun Lake Association -
Hamlin Lake Preservation Society -
Hands Across the Lake (HAL) - Hands Across The Lake is an organization in Midlothian,Virginia (20 miles south of Richmond, VA). It is a community effort to promote the health and life of the Swift Creek Reservoir, preserving it as a source of good drinking water and as a beautiful recreational source.
Hermann Park Conservancy - The Friends of Hermann Park, a non-profit citizens' organization, is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of one of Houston's most historically significant public green spaces. Its goals are to preserve the integrity of Hermann Park, enrich its heritage as a unique landmark, and transform it into one of the nation's premier urban parks.
Hidden Lake Association -
Hidden Valley Lake Association (HVLA) -
Higgins Lake Watershed Partnership - A group of stakeholders who have come together to develop a watershed management plan for the Higgins Lake Watershed.
Highland Lake Association -
Hillsdale Water Quality Project (HWQP) - Restoration and protection of the Hillsdale Lake watershed
Horseshoe-Loon Lake Association - Founded in 1994, the Horseshoe/Loon Lake Association was established to protect and preserve the environment of Horseshoe Lake, Loon Lake and the surrounding watershed near Backus, Minnesota.
Hubbard County Coaltion of Lakes Associations (Hubbard COLA) - We are an organization of 27 lake associations which have banded together with the intention of educating the public on the best lake management practices.
Hudson River Environmental Legislation Project (HELP) - .E.L.P., a student group started at Pace University has stopped talking about the poor conditions of the Hudson River and has led a grassroots campaign that our Legislators and Governor has finally listened to.
Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) - HRWC was established in 1965 under Michigan's Local River Management Act. We are the first and oldest Watershed Council in the State. Our Services include hands-on citizen education, technical assistance in policy development and river protection projects. HRWC is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. HRWC is a member of EarthShare of Michigan.
Ida Lake Association - "The mission of the Ida Lake Association is to preserve and protect the serenity, quality, and natural beauty of Lake Ida. In addition, it is our purpose to organize and educate all those concerned with Lake Ida including lakeshore owners, area residents, and visitors. We acknowledge our role as caretakers and propose to work as one to accomplish our responsibility to water and the land."
Indian Lake Dredge Project -
Indian Lake Watershed Project (ILWP) - The Indian Lake Watershed Project was created to facilitate and promote actions that will improve water quality for the benefit of recreation, agriculture, wildlife, and other uses of the Indian Lake Watershed area and Indian Lake.
Institue of Limnology of La Plata -
Institute for Environmental Monitoring Studies, North Sumatra - An NGO working on the conservation of Lake Toba.
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin -
Irving Lake Association -
Jessie Lake Watershed Association -
Jordan Lake Association -
Kahokugata Lake Institute -
Kasumigaura Citizens Association - The organization’s action is based upon the "Citizen Program of Swimmable Kasumigaura 2020" finalized in 2000. This initiative, with its target of "Kasumigaura Civil Society" and which aims to make Kasumigaura a lake in which people can swim in by 2020, has five components under the themes of “life, local rivers, waterfront exchange, regional economy and people.” Participation of citizens in the basin, and the collaboration of citizens, farmers, businesses, governments, researchers and schools are the two areas where the association puts most of its effort and plays the role of a mediator to achieve the goals. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Kaw Lake Association -
Keep Lake County Beautiful -
Keuka Lake Foundation - The Keuka Lake Association is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and improvement of Keuka Lake.
Kezar Lake Association -
Lake Andrews Association (LAA) -
Lake Atitlán Environmental Protection Society (PROLAGO) - PROLAGO (Asociación para la Protección Ambiental del Lago Atitlán) is a local nonprofit organized in the year 2000 and legally established in 2002. In addition to representing the second most important attraction for tourism and a very important recreational resource for Guatemalans, PROLAGO is most interested in protecting the lake basin environment to sustain the benefits it provides to local indigenous people. PROLAGO’s members are lake neighbors, mostly professionals, with a long term concern for the interrelationship between the health of the lake and the quality of life of the indigenous people. The main purpose of PROLAGO is to sustain the benefits provided by Lake Atitlán to Guatemalan society, especially to the quality of life of indigenous communities in the lake basin. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Atitlan Sustainable Management Authority - (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Balaton Alliance (since 1904) - no website -
Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (BFT) -
Lake Beauty Association - The purpose of the Lake Beauty Association is to: "1)exercise, promote and protect the privileges and interests of the residents/owners on or near Lake Beauty, 2) keep the clarity of Lake Beauty waters by identifying potential and real sources of pollution and educate the membership to utilize available resources to accomplish this, 3)be aware of current weed control methods to promote spawning beds for fish propagation, and to study local weed control and make recommendations on desireable changes, 4) inform, educate and encourage fair, equal assessment procedures statewide for shoreland property both permanent and seasonal."
Lake Benton Lake Association (LBLA) -
Lake Biwa Research Institute (LBRI) - The Institute supports interdisciplinary research on the natural, social and cultural environments of Lake Biwa and its catchment. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Biwa-Yodo River Water Purification Organization (BYQ) -
Lake Champlain Committee (LCC) - The Lake Champlain Committee (LCC) was founded in 1963 to prevent Lake Champlain from being used as a commercial shipping route for cargo ships and oil tankers. In 1968, we helped stop the construction of the a proposed nuclear power plant in Charlotte, VT. Our history is one of citizen advocacy and education that has made a difference in protecting and restoring the Lake and increasing its accessibility. Today... The Lake Champlain Committee continues to work on the Lake's most pressing problems, which are reducing the amount of new pollutants put into the Lake -- like phosphorus, mercury and pesticides, and educating citizens to help control the spread of invasive nuisance aquatic species -- including zebra mussels, water chestnuts, and alewives. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Champlain Land Trust (LCLT) - The mission of the Lake Champlain Land Trust is to save the scenic beauty, natural communities, and recreational amenities of Lake Champlain by permanently preserving significant islands, shoreline areas, and natural communities in the Champlain Region.
Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce - A regional business association in the Lake Champlain region of Vermont. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Champlain Walleye Association (LCWA) -
Lake Chemung Riparian Association -
Lake County Fish and Game Protection Association (Illinois) - Preservation of fish and game in Lake County.
Lake County Health Deparment (Illinois) - From rehabilitating lakes to immunizing children, the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center works to assure a healthy community. Established by referendum in 1956, it is a state-certified public health department responsible for the prevention of disease and disability, the promotion of health and the maintenance of a healthful environment.
Lake County Land Trust Organization - The Lake County Land Trust was formed and officially incorporated in 1993. A small group of friends who saw the need for expanded conservation efforts in Lake County got together to form the trust.
Lake Dianchi Freshwater Biodiversity Project - A project sponsored by the World Bank/Global Environment Facility.
Lake District Tourism and Conservation Partnership - The Lake District Tourism and Conservation Partnership aims to bring together the tourism industry, local business, conservation groups and visitors to help preserve and enhance the natural beauty and accessibility of the English lake district. Local tourism businesses have funded a whole series of diverse conservation projects.
Lake Elysian Watershed Association (LEWA) -
Lake Erie Coastal Ohio - Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail.
Lake Eufaula Association -
Lake Forest Open Lands Association (LFOLA) - The mission of Lake Forest Open Lands Association is to preserve our natural environment through land acquisition, habitat restoration, public education, and conservation advocacy.
Lake Francis Area Recreation & Conservation Club -
Lake Gaston Association -
Lake Geneva Area Association -
Lake George Association - The oldest lake association in the United States, the Lake George Association in New York provides a voice for more than 5,000 caretakers of Lake George and an action-based program to conserve the region's remarkable natural resources and to protect its pristine beauty.
Lake Hallett Association - The Lake Hallett Association is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Lake Hallett as a recreational and aesthetic resource for the citizens of the St. Peter Area.
Lake Hartwell Association - The Lake Hartwell Association exists to provide a focus on this clean, enjoyable lake and watershed, to maintain its high quality, to provide a forum for discussion and action on lake-related issues, and to guide wholesome growth while retaining its desirable characteristics.
Lake Heritage Parks Foundation -
Lake Hubert Conservation Association (LHCA) - The mission of the LHCA is to encourage the residents of the lake and their guests to: - Encourage residents of the lake and their guests to use the natural resources of our lake conservatively, - Strive for improvement of the Lake's water quality, - Strive for improvement of the Lake's fishery, - Promote water safety and courtesy, - Encourage a sense of community among the residents. - Actively participate in the gathering and sharing of lake conservation knowledge with neighboring lake associations, and the MN DNR, and other organizations that strive for better use and management of lake resources. - Be responsible for the upkeep and preservation of the Lake Hubert Depot.
Lake Jackson Ecopassage - This temporary ecopassage helps save the lives of thousands of amphibians and reptiles a year. However, the fence that has been constructed is too low, allowing some species to climb over it and eventually be killed. The goal is a perment culvert allowing a safe passage.
Lake Lanier Association - Founded in 1966, the Lake Lanier Association is the oldest group working to protect Lake Lanier and to preserve its valuable legacy for future generations.
Lake Lemon Conservancy District - In the early 1990's landowners around the lake began to organize in order to take over management of Lake Lemon. Neighbors signed a petition which led to the inception of the Lake Lemon Conservation District (LLCD) in 1995.
Lake Linganore Conservation Society (LLCS) - ‘The mission of the Lake Linganore Conservation Society is to help reserve and protect the lakes and streams of the community of Lake Linganore at Eaglehead by developing roads constructed to an environmentally conscious design; by building stormwater management systems; and by increasing public awareness and appreciation of the lakes and the importance of proper watershed management practices through education, field studies, advocacy and lake restoration activities'
Lake Lucerne Advancement Association -
Lake Maspenock Preservation Association -
Lake Maurepas Society (LMS) - Conservation of Lake Maurepas.
Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council -
Lake Memphremagog Watershed Association - The Lake Memphremagog Watershed Association was formed to bring together citizens interested in lake and river issues in the basin.
Lake Merritt Institute -
Lake Minnetonka Association (LMA) - The Lake Minnetonka Association, through volunteers and the Lake Minnetonka community, will promote lake preservation and the reasonable use of Lake Minnetonka.
Lake Monticello Owners' Association -
Lake Naivasha Riparian Association (LNRA) - Members of the LNRA consist of anyone who owns waterfront land at Lake Naivasha. The membership is eclectic, with tour operators, power companies, small farmers, cooperatives and the Municipal Council all being members. The shoreline itself is almost entirely in private hands, but the lake is a national asset and the members of the LNRA are its custodians.
Lake Norman CoveKeepers - The lake Norman Covekeepers is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health of lake norman by actively patroling the lake.
Lake Norman Yacht Club -
Lake of the Woods Association (LOWA) -
Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association Inc -
Lake Ontario Steelhead Association -
Lake Orion Lake Association -
Lake Orono Improvement Association -
Lake Panorama Association -
Lake Parker Association, Vermont (LPA) - The LPA is an active non-profit citizens group concerned with protecting the ecological health of Lake Parker and its watershed. LPA was Incorporated in 1971 and is a member of the Federation of Lake Associations of Northern Vermont and the North American Lake Management Society. Membership is open to all Lake Parker watershed and Glover residents. In 1999, LPA had 80+ dues paying families, both watershed and town residents. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club (LPOIC) - Deciated to protect and enhance lake pend oreille and its fisheries.
Lake Pleasant Sacandaga Foundation -
Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) - The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, a membership-based citizens' organization, is the public's independent voice dedicated to restoring and preserving the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Through coordination of restoration activities, education, advocacy, monitoring of the regulatory process, and citizen action, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation works in partnership with all segments of the community to reclaim the waters of the Basin for this and future generations.
Lake Quinsigamond Watershed Association (LQWA) - Founded in 1984, the Lake Quinsigamond Watershed Association is a volunteer-based organization of nearly 100 members committed to enhancing the quality of life in and around Lake Quinsigamond (in Massachusetts, U.S.) for all of its natural and human residents. It was incorporated for the purpose of restoring, preserving and maintaining the environmental water quality and recreational quality of the watershed area.
Lake Rabun Association (LRA) - LRA's mission is to protect the RabunLake community, support charitable organizations, maintain a good relationship with Rabun County and to provide fellowship among the members.
Lake Region Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc -
Lake Sarah Improvement Association (LSIA) - Stewardship of Sarah Lake.
Lake Shenandoah Preservation Association -
Lake Shetek Area Improvement Association (LSAIA) - The mission of LSAIA is stewardship of Lake Shetek.
Lake Sunapee Protective Association -
Lake Superior Alliance - To create and nurture peaceful and equitable communities throughout the Lake Superior Basin in which all inhabitants live in harmony as part of the Bioregion's natural systems.
Lake Superior Basin Project - A cooperative plan to collectively protect and restore the integrity of the Lake Superior Ecosystem.
Lake Superior Steelhead Association -
Lake Superior Water Trail of Minnesota (LSWT) - The LSWTA is a nonprofit citizens organization working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to establish and maintain a Water Trail along Minnesota's Lake Superior shoreline.
Lake Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition (LTEEC) - The goal of LTEEC is to assist many different groups and educational organizations in working together to educate the public about how to prevent pollution of Lake Tahoe. The Coalition is sponsored by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the University of California Cooperative Extension.
Lake Talon Conservation Association -
Lake Texoma Association -
Lake Toba Heritage Foundation - Yayasan Perhimpunan Pencinta Danau Toba (LTHF - YPPDT) - The mission of the Lake Toba Heritage Foundation is to increase the awareness of residents, government officials, and international bodies on the condition of the lake. The success of this NGO is largely due to the inspiring leadership of one man, Dr. Midian Sirait. Established in 1995, the Foundation has completed projects in environmental education, teacher training, water hyacinth control and lake monitoring. With modest funding, the Lake Toba Heritage Foundation has proven that it can be successful. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Lake Waramaug Authority (LWA) - The Lake Waramaug Authority was established by Connecticut Statute section 7-151a to ensure that Lake Waramaug continues to be a safe and an enjoyable site for sport and recreation activities throughout the yea
Lake Waramaug Task Force - The task force is dedicated to the restoration and protection of Lake Waramaug and its watershed.
Lake Washburn Association (LWA) - The mission of Lake Washburn Association is to ensure that our beautiful lake and its environment will survive to be enjoyed by those generations that follow us.
Lake Washington Improvement Association - Stewrardship of Lake Washington.
Lake Watch of Lake Martin - formed in 1991 as an all-volunteer non-profit organization in response to citizen concerns about point-source pollution that posed an ecological threat to Lake Martin.
Lake Wentworth Association -
Lake Wononscopomuc Association -
Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) - The Lakes Environmental Association is a private, non-profit organization founded in Naples, Maine in 1970 to protect the water quality and watersheds of the Sebago-Long Lake Region. The Association serves the towns of Bridgton, Denmark, Harrison, Naples, Sweden, and Waterford as well as Sebago Lake.
Laurel Lake Association -
Laurel Lake Preservation Association -
League to Save Lake Tahoe - For over 45 years the League to Save Lake Tahoe has been the only organization dedicated solely to the protection and restoration of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding basin.
Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation - To fund, promote and enable activities that will protect the natural environment of the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation, with all its beauty, wealth of natural resources and diversity, for the use and enjoyment of future generations.
Leech Lake Association (LLA) - The mission of LLA is stewardship of Leech Lake.
Leelanau Conservancy - The Leelanau Conservancy relies upon the efforts of three groups of people, working together to achieve our common goals of conserving the land, water and scenic character of Leelanau County.
L'Homme Dieu Lake Association - The mission of the membership of L'Homme Dieu Lake Association is to provide quality water conditions in and around the lake and surrounding properties for future generations.
Lily Lake Improvement Association -
Little Birch Lake Improvement Association -
Little Elk Lake Improvement Association (LELIA) - To improve property desirability and recreational usability of Little Elk Lake through the improvement of water quality, clarity, recreation, and sport fishing.
Little Rock Lake Association - The intent of this Corporation is to protect, maintain and improve the ground and surface water resources within the Little Rock Lake watershed and adjacent Mississippi River area by encouraging appropriate water use and shore land management practices.
Little Sebago Lake Association -
Little Traverse Conservancy (LTC) - The Conservancy is a broad coalition of individuals, families, and businesses who agree that the acquisition and protection of natural land is important if we are to retain the quality of life which makes northern Michigan so attractive. The Little Traverse Conservancy is supported entirely by people who willingly donate their time, talent, and financial support to protect irreplaceable natural land.
Lone Lake Property Owners Association - The lone Lake Property Owners Association is very active protecting the natural and aquatic environments of the lake. The Association also sponsors many events, programs, and committees to involve the Lone Lake community. We are active today to preserve the natural and aquatic environment for tomorrow.
Long Lake Preservation Association - The purpose of the Association is to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of the lake and its surroundings for the collective interests of the members and the general public, to carry out the educational programs of the Association, and to make representations on behalf of its members.
Long Lost Lake Association -
Loon Lake Preservation Association - The association's web site was created by the current lakeshore owners of this little lake, and is targeted at anyone who is considering the purchase of one of the newly offered lots. It is our intent to provide information about this lake that will help you decide if this shallow, little lake is right for you. Loon Lake is a unique lake with special qualities, but is not well suited to many recreational activities.
Lower Long Lake Foundation (LLLF) - The Lower Long Lake Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1996 by a group of property owners concerned about the environment directly related to Long Lake. They believed that continued property development was having an adverse effect on the water quality and the natural beauty of the surrounding land. Therefore they have been acquiring land in the area.
Lower South Long Lake improvement Association - The Lower South Long Lake Improvement Association was formed in order to address the concerns of property owners who were concerned about the quality of the water and surrounding wildlife.
Magic Baikal ((Russia)) -
Manitook Lake Association -
Manuella Lake Association -
Marion Lake Association -
Mayo Lake Association -
Miller Lake Property Owners Association -
Miltona Lake Association -
Mirror Lake Watershed Association -
Mission Lakes Association -
Missisqoui River Basin Association (MRBA) - The Missisquoi River Basin Association was formed in 1996 by a group of citizens concerned about water quality in the Missisquoi River watershed. Our mission is to restore and maintain the ecological integrity of the Missisquoi River system so that the uses and values desired by the community are supported by the river and quality of its water. The Missisquoi River watershed is home to a lot of farms (mostly dairy) and is the largest contributor of non-point source phosphorus to Lake Champlain; MRBA’s main focus is to reduce our NPS phosphorus input. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Mitchell Lake Wetland Society (MLWS) - The Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society is dedicated to the wise stewardship of the Wildlife Refuge at Mitchell Lake where shorebirds, waterfowl and other wildlife will always find water, food, shelter and a place to raise their young.
Mono Lake Committee -
Moosehead Lake Fisheries Coalition - Dedicated to improving the fisheries in the moosehad lake .
Muskoka Watershed Council -
Nabnasset Lake Preservation Association (NLPA) - The Nabnasset Lake Preservation Association was formed in 1990 to represent the lake abutters in dealing with the failure of the Byrne Ave. dam. Since 1990, the NLPA has acted as a watchdog group for the health and safety of Nab Lake for the present and future generations.
National Wildlife Federation, Lake Superior Project (NWF) - NWF's Lake Superior program is working for "zero discharge" of the most dangerous and long-lived chemicals into Lake Superior's water and air. The program is working with other groups in the Basin to designate Lake Superior as a Federal "Outstanding National Resource Water" (ONRW).
Net Lake Association -
New Brinton Lake Club - Thornton, Pennsylvania.
New Hogan Lake Conservancy -
Newfound Lake Region Association (NLRA) - NLRA is a non-profit organization formed by concerned citizens in 1971. It is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the lake and surrounding region.
North Long Lake Association - The North Long Lake Association is dedicated to preserving the environs and promoting the Lake's usage and enjoyment.
Northstar Sportsmen Club of Leech Lake -
Northwood Lake Watershed Association - The purpose of The Northwood Lake Watershed Association is to preserve and protect the quality of Northwood Lake and its surroundings for the collective interests of lake users.
Oneida Lake Association (OLA) - Dedicated to the conservation of Oneida Lake.
Onondaga Lake Partnership (OLP) - The Onondaga Lake Partnership (OLP) promotes cooperation among government agencies and other parties involved in managing the environmental issues of Onondaga Lake and the Onondaga Lake watershed in Syracuse, New York.
Orchard Lake Shore Properties Association -
Osakis Lake Association -
Oswego Maritime Foundation - The Oswego Maritime Foundation is a member-supported non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to public service through maritime related education, recreation and research.
Otter Lake Landowners Association -
Otter Tail coalition of Lake Associations -
Owasco Watershed Lake Association -
Paw Paw Lake Foundation -
Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association -
Pelican Lake Association -
Pelican Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA) - dedicated to maintaining the environmental health of the lake and protecting the interests of property owners
Phewa Lake Environment Awareness & Capacity Building Project (PLEACBP) -
Pike Lake Association - The purpose of the Pike Lake Association shall be to preserve the integrity of Pike Lake, protect the environment of the lake and the area contiguous to the lake, guarantee as much as possible the ongoing availability of the lake for recreational use, and serve as a vehicle for supporting property owner's interests.
Pontchartrain - Through coordination of restoration activities, education, advocacy, monitoring of the regulatory process, and citizen action, the Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation works in partnership with all segments of the community to reclaim waters of the basin for this and future generations.
Pope County Coalition of Lake associations, Inc (PopeCOLA) - The COLA is organized to facilitate cooperation among member lake associations and assist in fostering wise and legal use of lake areas.
Portage Crooked Lakes Improvement Association - The purpose of the PCLIA is to strive in cooperation with the authorities when possible, to maintain and improve the condition of the lakes and their surrounding properties by concerning itself with ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, ZONING ISSUES and SOCIAL NEEDS without compromising the ability of future generations to use and enjoy a high quality lake resource.
Project Clean Water -
Project Harmony -
Project Mishoon - An underwater archaeology project of the Nipmuc Nation. Project Mishoon began in 2001, with the discovery of a dugout or 'mishoon' in Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester MA. Since the initial discovery, 2 more dugouts have been located in the same lake. The Nipmuc Nation will excavate and conserve these valuable artifacts to perpetuate its history and educate future generations.
Pymatuning Lake Association -
Quaboag Quacumquasit Lake Association (QQLA) -
Reap International -
Rice Lake Area Association -
Rush Lake Association of the Whitefish Chain (RLA) -
Rushford Lake Landowners Association -
Saint Michael's College of Vermont - Saint Michael’s College, founded in 1904 by the Society of St. Edmund and headed by President Marc A. vanderHeyden, has been identified by U. S. News & World Report for 13 consecutive years as one of the top15 North Regional Universities in the nation. A Catholic, residential college, located in Colchester, Vermont, two miles from the state’s largest city of Burlington, Saint Michael’s has 1,900 full-time undergraduate students, and another 650 graduate students and 200 international students, studying part time. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Salton Sea Authority (SSA) - The Salton Sea Authority is a joint powers agency chartered by the State of California by a Joint Powers Agreement on June 2, 1993 for the purpose of ensuring the beneficial uses of the Salton Sea.
Sauk River Chain of Lakes -
Save Lake Sammamish (SLS) - Save Lake Sammamish (SLS) is a non-profit Washington corporation established to promote the water quality of Lake Sammamish and its watershed by:

Increasing community awareness of the lake and its watershed

Fostering greater public awareness of the environmental and wildlife concerns relating to Lake Sammamish and its watershed and any potential development thereon
Save Lake Superior Association (SLSA) - To prevent further degradation of Lake Superior and to promote its rehabilitation.
Save Lake Tapps Coalition - The coalition is a Lake Tapps area group consisting of homeowners who live on and off the lake. The coalition is chartered to preserve Lake Tapps to meet homeowner requirements. The coalition is a member-based organization and 100% of all membership donations are used to communicate and educate the area homeowners, as well as provide legal support for Lake Tapps issues.
Scotland Lake Henry Association - The Scotland Lake Henry Association was founded in 1990 to manage Scotland's involvement in the restoration project of the dam.
Sebago Lake Association -
Sebec Lake Association -
Sebie Lake Area Conservation Association -
Selkirk-Priest Basin Association (SPBA) -
Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association - Restoration and conservation of Seneca Lake.
Shafer and Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservation (SFLECC) - Our main goal is to promote the welfare and enhancement of the Shafer and Freeman Lakes. We are dedicated to the preservation and future well-being of our lakes.
Shipshewana community lake improvement association (SCLIA) - Work with DNR to save, restore and revitalie Shipshewana Lake for safe use.
Sibley Lake Association -
Silver Lake Association -
Silver Lake Land Association -
Silver Lake Residents Association -
Siseebakwet Lake Association - The mission of the Siseebakwet Lake Association is to preserve, protect, enhance our lakes; and to provide social opportunities to our watershed and membership area.
Smith Lake Environmental Preservation Committee - The purpose of the Smith Lake Environmental Preservation Committee is to preserve and enhance the water quality of Smith Lake and its tributaries for people, recreation, fish and wildlife through education and volunteer efforts.
Smith Mountain Lake Association -
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee -
Southwest Florida Wildlife and Rehablitation conservation Center - Care and rehabilitation of native species of wildlife.
Sparkle Lake Association -
Spring Valley Lake Association -
Squam Lakes Association (SLA) - The Squam Lakes Association is dedicated to conserving for the public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and unique resource values of the lakes and surrounding area. In cooperation with local and state authorities and other conservation organizations, the Association promotes the protection, careful use and shared enjoyment of the lakes, mountains, forests, open spaces and wildlife of the Squam Lakes Region.
St. Francis Lake Association - preservation and enhancement of the St. Francis River and the lands along its banks
Star Lake Property Owners Association -
Sugar Lake Association -
Suomi Area Lakes Association -
Sylvan Lake Imrpovement Association -
Syracuse Lake Association -
Tahoe Rim Trail - To enhance, expand, and promote the Tahoe Rim Trail system, practice and encourage stewardship, and provide access to the beauty of the Lake Tahoe region.
Tahoe-Baikal Institute (TBI) - Tahoe-Baikal Institute is an international partnership committed to enhancing sustainable economic development, cultural understanding, and the protection of unique watersheds throughout the world. TBI programs include environmental education training, research, and international exchanges of students, scholars, and practitioners in science, policy, economics, and other related disciplines. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association - The Tainter/Menomin Lake Improvement Association is actively engaged in activities to promote Tainter Lake along with those bodies of water which are immediate to the lake, namely Lake Menomin, The Red Cedar River and the Hay River.
Teatown Lake Reservation - Teatown Lake Reservation's mission is to conserve open space and to educate and involve the regional community in order to sustain the diversity of wildlife, plants and habitats for future generations.
Ten Mile Lake Association - The Ten Mile Lake Association is made up of residents and visitors who are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Ten Mile Lake and its environment.
The Land conservancy of San Luis Obispo County - The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County is a local land trust working in San Luis Obispo County, California. Their mission is to protect land having scenic, agricultural, habitat and cultural values. This is done through land acquisition, conservation easements, and resource restoration
The Martin Laker's - The Martin Lakers started in 1957 as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to improve the water quality of Martin Lake. While water quality is still a large concern for the Martin Lakers, the group has evolved over the years to being somewhat of a community event organizer.
Three Lakes Association (TLA) - In 1966 a small group of people recognized that the Chain of Lakes in Antrim County, Michigan were very special. The lakes were deep, clear and clean. They were precious jewels that needed protection. From this small group has grown a large association called the THREE LAKES ASSOCIATION. TLA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and a part-time executive director. For nearly forty years, the Three Lakes Association has conducted water quality monitoring studies of Torch Lake, Clam Lake and Lake Bellaire- the three largest lakes in the center of the watershed. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Timberstone Shores Association -
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council - A coalition of citizens, lake associations, businesses, and resorters working to protect the Great Lakes, inland lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands in Northern Michigan.
Torch Lake Protection Alliance (TLPA) - In 1994, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources proposed to dredge Torch Lake and construct a public boat launch. There was public outrage over the State’s ignoring the environmental impact of this project and refusing to consider an alternative location, which did not require dredging. To deal with this conflict, a group of concerned citizens filed a lawsuit against the State, and the Torch Lake Protection Alliance (TLPA) was formed. After successfully stopping this potentially destructive project, TLPA began an aggressive campaign to oppose individuals and groups whose proposed actions would endanger the high water quality of Torch Lake. Recently they have negotiated settlements out of court which have redesigned projects, so they will not be harmful to the environment. In addition to advocacy and litigation, the Torch Lake Protection Alliance has provided educational opportunities for individuals, businesses and government officials, so they can better understand the natural systems in the watershed. With more than 500 members, the Torch Lake Protection Alliance leads the way to prevent degradation and contamination of Torch Lake and its tributaries. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Tri-lakes watershed association, inc. - The Tri-Lakes Watershed Association was incorporated in 1988, in order to promote water quality, environmental protection, and citizen awareness of issues related to maintaining the health of lakes Holland, Arcadia and Metacomet
Trout Lake Association -
Trout Lake Conservation Association -
Trout Lake Nature Center - The Trout Lake Nature Center is a 230 acre wildlife preserve located on the north edge of Eustis, Florida. The preserve protects the flora and fauna of a wetlands-forest habitat bordering on Trout Lake. The Center is dedicated to increasing the environmental awareness of the people of Lake County and the advancement of environmental education.
Upper Hay Lake Association -
Upper Red Lake Area Association -
Upper Saranac Lake Association -
Vanduse Lake Association -
Vilbig Bass Club -
Wabedo, Little Boy, Inguadona, Rice & Cooper Lakes Association of Longville - The Lakes Association was established in 1962. It purpose and goals were to maintain and improve the natural environment in and around the lakes for future generations to enjoy
Walloon Lake Association (WLA) - The Walloon Lake Association mission is to preserve, protect and defend the quality, safety and natural beauty of Walloon Lake (in Michigan, U.S.) and its watershed; to work with and exchange data with other environmental organizations and local and state governmental units whose interests are consistent with our goals; to provide timely information pertaining to the preceding, including educational information to our members and the public. In calendar year 2002, there were 1,088 members of the Association.
Waseca Lakes Association - The purpose of Waseca Lakes Association shall be to improve and maintain the water quality of the Waseca lakes and adjoining watershed for all users.
Washington Lake Association -
Water and Culture Study Group, Japan - The group was established to record our old life styles and environment that were both rapidly changing, as we were afraid of losing them without proper records. In addition, we believe that local people who have to have relations with water in various aspects should study such an ordinary theme, “relationship between water and humans”. The studies should not be done by experts, i.e., natural or social scientists who often stick to specific topics. In this line, the Study Group began activities in 1989. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota - The Water Resources Center has active programs in research, outreach, and education. The Center works to help coordinate outreach and research within the University, enabling more effective delivery of research to decision-makers and citizens; opening new avenues for multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary partnerships; and providing a critical link between students and water-resources professionals.
Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay (GT Bay) - In 1990, a number of local agencies and organizations realized they each managed programs with similar visions: "sustaining or restoring the Bay's watershed to ensure the region's economic viability, high quality of use and employment for future generations." These agencies and organizations also realized, collaboration could only enhance their individual efforts. Thus, The Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Initiative was formed. In 1994, the organization formalized its management structure by organizing a Board of Directors, opening an office, hiring its first full-time staff, and seeking non-profit status. In 2000, the board adopted the current logo and new name: The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay. The Center is dedicated to involving the community in preserving, protecting, and advocating for the environmental health of Grand Traverse Bay and its surrounding 1,000 square mile watershed. We achieve this through outreach, education, collaboration and research. In partnership with many other organizations and governments, the Center has undertaken approximately 55 projects, which balance economic growth and environmental protection. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Weaver Lake Conservation Association (WLCA) -
Webster Lake Association - Webster Lake Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing, preserving and protecting the quality of the lake and its watershed through the promotion of responsible, effective environmental & educational policies.
Weiss Lake Improvement Association - lake users united to maintain, protect and enhance Weiss lake.
West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association -
Western Zebra Mussel Taskforce - The Western Zebra Mussel Task Force (WZMTF) is a group of concerned representatives from western states, specifically Minnesota, private water interests who have recognized the seriousness of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) invasion in the eastern parts of the U.S. It is our position that there is an extreme urgency to educate Minnesota communities of this aquatic invasion and the hazardous affects that result from this invasive species.
Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary -
White Iron Chain of Lakes Association (WICOLA) - The White Iron Chain of Lakes Association (WICOLA) was founded in 1993. Its purpose is to enhance, promote and protect the interests of property owners of White Iron, Farm and Garden Lakes and the surrounding watershed. It promotes good lake management through testing, education and support. The association cooperates with the Pollution Control Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Soil and Water conservation Authority and other agencies to maintain these high standards.
White Lake Association (WLA) - Founded in 1996 to restore and preserve White Lake.
White Oak Lake Association (WOLA) -
Whitefish Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA) - The mission of the Whitefish Area Properties Association is to promote environmental stewardship throughout the Whitefish Area and the Pine River Watershed
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) - WWT has an award-winning visitor centre overlooking nationally and internationally protected wetlands at Slimbridge Swan Lake. It is an important wintering area for migrating waterbirds such as Bewick's Swans and houses WWT's species conservation programme.
Wildwood Lake Nature Center -
Wildwood Lake Sanctuary - Wildwood Lake Sanctuary is a peaceful, nature preserve within the Harrisburg, PA city limits. Located north of Harrisburg Area Community College, the sanctuary and its nature center is easily accessible to area residents and visitors.
Windemere Lake and Landowners Association - The objective of this organization shall be to protect and improve the quality of the lakes, the values of the property, and the natural recreation facilities of Windemere Township. Some of the specific matters of concern of this organization will be water, noise, land and air pollution, and ecology, as it pertains to the natural resources and health of the residents of Windemere Township and the civic and community matters that affect the property values and recreational potential of the township.
Women for Lake Balaton - Nők a Balatonért Egyesület (NABE) - (LakeNet Program Participant)
Yadkin-Pee Dee Lakes Project - The purpose of The Yadkin-Pee Dee Lakes Project is to serve as a clearinghouse for information on sustainable economic development, support regional projects, garner public support for and understanding of long-term, regional planning, and to coordinate local, county, and regional efforts.
Yayasan Konservasi Borneo (YKB) -
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve - Their goal is the preservation of the Yellow Dog River in Northern Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Zuni Salt Lake Coalition -

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