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Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) - The objectives of ALMS are to undertake the collection of data and information to increase knowledge of lake functions and management options; share and disseminate information and experiences on all aspects of lake and watershed management, educate the public, help develop programs to promote lake and watershed management, and provide expertise to and collaborate with other concerned organizations.
Amigos Bravos: Friends of the Wild Rivers -
Arizona Department of Water Resources -
Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) - The WRRC works with public/private organizations and individuals to provide information and services through outreach, conferences and symposia, and a publications program that includes two newsletters.
Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network -
British Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS) -
California Department of Water Resources (DWR) -
California Environmental Resources Evaluation (CERES) - CERES is an information system developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data describing California's rich and diverse environments. The goal of CERES is to improve environmental analysis and planning by integrating natural and cultural resource information from multiple contributors and by making it available and useful to a wide variety of users.
California Lake Management Society (CALMS) - The California Lake Management Society is a non-profit organization for California's lakes and the only statewide network of individuals, lake associations and public fund representatives devoted solely to the preservation and protection of our lakes. The Society works to promote understanding, protection and comprehensive management of California's water resources and their watersheds.
Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR) -
Colorado Lake & Reservoir Management Association (CLRMA) - CLRMA is a statewide organization of individuals, organizations, and lake associations devoted to the protection and preservation of lakes and reservoirs.
Colorado State University - Water Center - The Water Center brings together a rich history in water related education and research with diverse talent from 25 different departments at Colorado State University to form a group of educators and researchers interested in water resources.
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute (CWRRI) - The Colorado Water Resources Research Institute (CWRRI), an affiliate of Colorado State University, exists for the express purpose of focusing the water expertise of higher education on the evolving water concerns and problems being faced by Colorado citizens.
Conservation Action Project of Ohio (CAP of Ohio) - To maintain an economic and environmental balances in Ohio's agriculture through a cooperative partnership in government, private business and academia to enhance the quality of our natural resources for the benefit of all.
Florida Fishing Lakes.net -
Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS) -
Georgia Lakes Society (GLS) - Representatives of lake associations, state and local governments, professionals, academics, conservation agencies, and interested citizens have banded together to form the Georgia Lakes Society. The Society is a nonprofit organization promoting the understanding, protection and restoration and comprehensive management of lakes, reservoirs, wetlands and their watersheds.
Idaho Ground Water Association (IGWA) - The IGWA assists, promotes, encourages and supports the interests and welfare of the ground water industry within the State of Idaho.
Illinois Lake Management Association (ILMA) -
Indiana Lake Management Society (ILMS) -
Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) - "Johnson County Wastewater’s Vision is to be a preeminent leader in protecting and enhancing the natural resources and quality of life in our thriving community."
Kansas Rural Water Association (KRWA) -
Kerala Limnological Research Institute (India) - The Limnological Association of Kerala's objectives include creating awareness in the field of Limnology among the public and students; providing a common meeting ground for persons connected with water resources; undertaking and encouraging limnological research; preparing an inventory of the aquatic fauna of Kerala, and suggesting remedial measures for conservation.
Lake & Watershed Association of South Carolina (LWASC) -
Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation -
Maine Congress of Lake Association (Maine COLA) - The Maine Congress of Lake Associations (Maine COLA) was formed in 1970 as a non-profit, charitable organization for Maine lakes. It is the only statewide network of individuals and lake associations devoted solely to the protection and preservation of our lakes. Protecting water quality and promoting sound land-use practices are objectives Maine COLA has had throughout its history.
Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land & Water Quality (DEP) -
Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI) - The Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI) was founded in 1999 to address the environmental and economic needs of Maine's lake-based communities through education. We are committed to understanding, sustaining, and preserving the value of our lakes and the communities dependent upon them
Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (Maine VLMP) - The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Maine’s lakes and ponds through the acquisition of scientific data, and to enhancing public awareness about the ecological, aesthetic and economic value of our lakes.
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation - Lakes & Ponds Program (MA DCR) - Massachusetts has over 3,000 lakes and ponds that provide opportunities for recreation and valuable habitat for a wide diversity of plants and animals. The Lakes and Ponds Program works with local groups and municipalities to protect, manage and restore these valuable aquatic resources. We provide technical assistance to communities and citizen groups, help to monitor water quality at various public beaches to ensure public safety, and provide educational materials to the public about various lake issues.
Michigan Chapter of NALMS (MCNALMS) -
Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc (ML&SA) - MICHIGAN LAKE & STREAM ASSOCIATIONS' purpose is to encourage and support all sorts of riparian property owners, lake, stream, and watershed associations, legislative bodies and agencies of local and state government and the general public to maintain "swimable" and "fishable" waters and to prevent the contamination of groundwater aquifers and their sources.
Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI) - The Michigan Land Use Institute was founded in 1995 as a grassroots movement to establish an approach to economic development that strengthens communities, enhances opportunity, and protects the state's unmatched natural resources. The Institute’s mission has been to help northern Michigan avoid the patterns of suburban sprawl and over-development that cause traffic congestion, pollution, loss of community, rising costs to individuals and governments, and a deteriorating quality of life. “We endeavor to look well beyond the ‘jobs vs. environment’ debate. Our goal is to help build a new kind of economy that celebrates the region's unique character, and recognizes the need to conserve open land and protect clean air and water.” (LakeNet Program Participant)
Michigan Sea Grant - Michigan Sea Grant is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of Great Lakes and coastal resources. Michigan Sea Grant currently funds research projects and educational activities related to sustainable coastal development, coastal wetlands, Great Lakes education, changing ecosystem dynamics and aquatic nuisance species.
Midwest Lakes Policy Center (MLPC) - A Center for Education, Research, and Consulting encompassing Lakes and the Watersheds that contain them.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Lake Programs -
Minnesota Lakes - Minnesota is the Land of Lakes! Find information on Thousands of Minnesota Lakes. Minnesota Fishing Lakes, Resorts, Lake Homes, Lake Property, Lakes Lodging and More!
Minnesota Lakes Association (MLA) - The Minnesota Lakes Association (MLA) is a statewide nonprofit organization of lake users, lakeshore property owners, lake associations, coalitions of lake associations, local governmental units, and businesses who are dedicated to protecting and improving Minnesota's lakes. MLA promotes citizen stewardship of Minnesota's waters and works to influence and support public policy for water resource management.
Missiouri Department of Natural Resources -
Missouri Freshwater Springs -
Missouri Watershed Information Network (MoWIN) - MoWIN is partnership of state and federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, local government, business, industry, individuals, citizen-based watershed and natural resource interest groups working together to facilitate in locating and accessing information relative to Missouri watersheds.
Montana Water Center - The purpose of MONTANA WATER is to provide a practical and comprehensive resource for professionals, university faculty, and the many Montanans with an interest in water issues. By making a wide range of water-related information easily accessible, Montana Water seeks to foster the development of a well-informed community of interested people.
Nebraska Water Center/Environmental Programs Unit - The Water Center operates within the University of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) research and agricultural campus. Its mission is to implement and facilitate water and water-related research, teaching, extension and public outreach programming within the University of Nebraska system. It also addresses environmental needs associated with the agricultural and natural resources areas of IANR.
New England Chapter of NALMS (NECNALMS) -
New Hampshire Lakes Association (NHLA) - The New Hampshire Lakes Association works on issues concerning shoreland and watershed protection; water quality improvement; boating safety; lake environment education; and fisheries and wildlife preservation.
New Jersey Coalition of Lake Associations (NJCOLA) -
New Mexico Office of the State Engineer - The Office of the State Engineer (OSE) and the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) are separate but companion agencies charged with administering the state's water resources. The agencies have power over the supervision, measurement, appropriation and distribution of almost all surface and ground water in New Mexico, including streams and rivers that cross state boundaries. The State Engineer is also secretary to the Interstate Stream Commission and oversees the staff of both agencies
New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) - The Institute funds research to address water problems critical to New Mexico and the southwest. The Institute has a small staff primarily for research administration. The research is conducted by faculty and their students in the state's universities.
New York Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA) -
North Carolina Lake Management Society (NCLMS) -
North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) - WRRI's Mission -Identify the state's ever-changing water resources research needs -Motivate and support water resources research by qualified scientists -Provide for technology transfer
Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District #4 - The purpose of the district is the proper conservation and management of the groundwater resources. It is also to provide local land owners and water users with the ability to be directly involved in the process by establishing their own regulations regarding the resource. Moreover, all necessary research and education are to be conducted under local direction. Finally, the district is to cooperate with other local, state and federal agencies in their endeavors.
Ohio Lake Management Society (OLMS) -
Oklahoma Clean Lakes & Watersheds Association (OCLWA) -
Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) -
Oregon Lake Association (OLA) -
Oregon Lakes Association -
Oregon State Parks Trust (OSPT) - The Oregon State Parks Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and enhancing Oregon’s unique state park system.
Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) -
Providence Water Supply Board -
Shiga Prefecture Government - Shiga Prefecture Government has been promoting long-term policies relating to the natural ecosystems, including historic Lake Biwa. They are proud of Lake Biwa as their spiritual background and have developed a symbiotic relationship with the "Mother Lake." But in recent decades, industrialization and population growth in the lake area have caused environmental problems on the lake. (LakeNet Supporter)
Small Water Systems (SWS) -
South Dakota Lakes & Streams Association (SDLSA) -
Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC) -
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) - TVA is making changes in the way it operates the Tennessee River and reservoir system. The new policy is a result of the Reservoir Operations Study and reflects objectives identified by the public at the beginning of the study.
Texas Black Bass Unlimited (TBBU) - Texas Black Bass Unlimited is a non-profit corporation orgainzed and operated expressly for educational and charitable purposes. Our goals are:

*The education of the youth and the general public in conservation and the protection of our Texas fish and fisheries.

*The protection and propagation of all species of fresh water fish in the State of Texas.

*To improve water quality in our lakes, rivers, and streams.
Texas Environmental Center (TEC) - The Texas Environmental Center (TEC) is a non-profit organization that produces Web and CD-ROM-based environmental programs. TEC has been a pioneer in the use of the Internet since 1991, and developed one of the first online libraries in a partnership with Rice University.
Texas River & Reservoir Management Society (TRRMS) -
Texas WaterNet (TWRI) - About Us The Texas Water Resources Institute is located on the main campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and is a unit of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and Texas Cooperative Extension. It is part of a national network of institutes created by the Water Resources Research Act of 1964. The Institute is funded by the United States Geological Survey and is affiliated with the National Institutes for Water Research.
USGS, Water Resources of California -
Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) -
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR) - The mission of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is "To protect, sustain, and enhance Vermont's natural resources, for the benefit of this and future generations." To meet this mission, the Agency's 550 employees work across Vermont to protect and enhance our state's air, water, forest, and other natural resources. (LakeNet Supporter)
Vermont ANR, Lakes & Ponds Section - The Lakes and Ponds Management and Protection Section monitors the water quality of lakes, determines the causes of problems, and develops ways to solve them. Our staff provides assistance regarding lake management and protection to municipalities, lake associations, and individuals. We also administer permits for aquatic nuisance control activities and for encroachments into lakes and we offer grant opportunities in a number of management areas. (LakeNet Program Participant)
Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (VLWA) -
Washington State Lake Protection Association (WALPA) -
Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL) - The Wisconsin Association of Lakes is a grassroots organization made up of individuals and lake groups concerned about the future of Wisconsin Lakes. OVer 350 lake groups are part of WAL.
Wisconsin Fishing Lakes -
Wisconsin Lake Partnerships - Three groups form the core of this team. The Department of Natural Resources supplies the technical expertise and regulatory authority. The University of Wisconsin Extension builds linkages between stakeholders and provides supporting educational materials and programs. Local lake people and Wisconsin Assocation of Lakes(WAL) are the third member, playing an integral role in the success of the partnership.

From around the state lake organizations, property owners, and local governments provide the political will and hard work to accomplish watershed restoration and lake protection goals.

Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) - Wisconsin Wetlands Association was established in 1969 to protect the state's wetland resources through education, training, advocacy, and research on key issues that affect wetlands. To our knowledge, WWA is the first and oldest statewide organization focused exclusively on wetland protection. More than 1450 members include wetland scientists and educators, conservationists, hunters, concerned citizens, and local and regional organizations.
Wyoming Water Resources Data System (WRDS) -

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