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Deepest Lakes
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Lake Name Country Depth  
Baikal (Ozero Baykal) Russian Federation 1,637 m
Tanganyika Burundi, Congo (Democratic Republic), Tanzania, Zambia 1,470 m
Caspian Sea Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan 1,025 m
O'Higgins, Lago-San Martin Argentina, Chile 836 m
Malawi (Nyasa, Niassa) Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania 706 m
Issyk-Kul (Isyk-Kul) Kyrgyzstan 668 m
Great Slave Canada 614 m
Crater United States of America 594 m
Matano, Danau (Matana) Indonesia 590 m
Toba (Danau Toba) Indonesia 505 m
Sarezskoye (Sarez) Tajikistan 505 m
Tahoe (USA) United States of America 501 m
Vostok Polar Regions 500 m
Argentino (Argentina) Argentina 500 m
Kivu Congo (Democratic Republic), Rwanda 480 m
Quesnel Canada 475 m
Hauroko New Zealand 462 m
Adams Canada 457 m
Chelan United States of America 453 m
Poso, Danau Indonesia 450 m

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