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Lake Profile

Matano, Danau (Matana)

General Information

Description Danau Matano is one of five lakes of the Malili River which empties into the Gulf of Bone in east Sulawesi. The lakes are partially isolated from one another and completely isolated from other freshwater habitats.
Country Indonesia
Latitude -2° 20' 0" (-2.3333)
Longitude 121° 20' 0" (121.3333)
Lake Region Malili Lakes

Physical Characteristics

Description Lake Matano is drained by the Patea River which later flows into Lake Mahalona (Malili Lakes). These two lakes are seperated by a waterfall.
Volume 98.00 km3
Surface Area 164.00 km2
Depth Mean depth: 37.0 m
Maximum depth: 590.0 m
Origin Tectonic
Type Fresh


Economic Value
Major Cities

Watershed Management

Issues Deforestation psoes the leading threat to the Malili Lakes. Deforestation is being exacerbated by government driven population relocation from greater Sunda Islands to less densely populated areas in Sulawesi. Run-off as a result of deforestation produces higher probability of eutrophication in the lakes. This greatly disturbs the oligotrophic state and affects the overall community structure.
Other Issues Nutrient pollution

Biodiversity Conservation

Description Thirty species of peripheral freshwater fishes are found in the Malili Lakes. All except the symbranchid eel are endemic to these lakes.

According to Munawar, "Lake Matano is a unique aquatic food web with only three trophic levels (phytoplankton/detritus, zooplankton and forage fish). . .The limnological characteristics of Lakes Matano and Towuti result in an aquatic ecosystem that is unique compared with all other deep lakes of the world."

Designations LakeNet Biodiversity Priority
WWF Global 200
Species of Concern
Endemism Medium

LakeNet Programs

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Biodiversity Conservation of the World's Lakes: A Preliminary Framework for Identifying Priorities
Bulletin of the Aquatic Conservation Network - Malili Lakes
Central Sulawesi Lakes: WWF Global 200 Ecoregions
ILEC Database

Additional Data Sources

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